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We believe a therapist should be more than a sounding board or simply offer solutions everyone knows. A therapist offers support and empathy but in addition tactfully and clearly interprets and explains what is going on and why.


We believe that the therapist should have extensive clinical experience; be direct but tactful in their approach; and committed to help you gain insight in order to help you work through your issues. The therapist should not only be able to tell you what is happening but why it is happening. A therapist should be able to tell you not what you already know but what you don’t know and be able to literally demonstrate this to you in the therapy hour.


We believe that for therapy to work best it takes two, the patient and the therapist together, to be fully committed to the therapeutic process. The patient invests in the therapy process by being motivated, open and introspective.


We believe that the therapist needs to be held accountable as well. It is crucial to the therapy process that therapists provide a thorough and exceptional evaluation and discuss the evaluation results with the patient before treatment begins. The therapist should be able to tell you what the problem is and why it exists and realistically and clearly explain what needs to be done, why it should be done and how it should be done.  


Our philosophy is to make a professional commitment to you and to deliver exceptional psychological services in order to be of real help.

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