Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Our names are Steven and Susana Barsky. Together, we have over 50 years of clinical experience. Susana has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed clinical social worker. Steven has a doctorate degree in psychology, as well and is a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed marital and family therapist. We moved to Jacksonville because it is the type of city that is family oriented, has diversity and is considered to be a city that has “heart”. It is the heart that matters. We love Jacksonville and are proud to make it our home.

Dynamic Duo

Steven Barsky

Psy.D/  LCSW /  LMFT

(904) 629-7132


Susana Barsky

Psy.D / LCSW 

(904) 629-7131


3733 University Blvd. West
Suite 212
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Call Us:

Steven: 904-629-7132
Susana: 904-629-7131

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