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Maybe you are looking into therapy because you don't want your situation to continue the way that it is. Even though you are a good person, a good spouse, a good parent, a good worker and a good friend, you still feel something is wrong or missing with you or your circumstances. 


You may frequently feel frustrated and disappointed with yourself and others. You want to feel better. You want your relationships to be better. You have given the matter a lot of thought but you don't see where you are progressing and you feel you are in a repetitive pattern.


We would like to be of help. We can offer you extensive clinical experience; maturity, honesty and results.


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Psychological Evaluations

Psychotherapy is extremely helpful and works. There are only two requirements: the right therapist and your commitment to change.

Specialty Services

Psychotherapy with those with Asperger's Syndrome


Services can be offered in Spanish

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